JuniorReviews collates and publishes postgraduate medical training feedback, for the benefit of trainees, medical educators, Local Education Providers (LEPs), and LETBs.

How do ratings and reviews work?
JuniorReviews allows UK postgraduate medical trainees (our ‘users’) to submit quantitative ratings and qualitative reviews for publication.

At present, our rating domains have been developed to best reflect the broad concerns of users, rather than to address the specific quality assurance metrics covered by other surveys. Our review approach similarly allows users to provide feedback on any points they feel are relevant, although guidance is provided.

In this manner, we have deliberately sought to complement existing feedback approaches, prioritising user experience and interests, rather than simply replicating existing methodologies.

How does review moderation work?
Reviews are moderated using a two-step approach. Initially, reviews are filtered automatically using industry-standard moderation software. This removes any posts which contain expletives, spam, hyperlinks, or other objectionable content.

Subsequently, reviews are moderated by our team, in-line with our comprehensive Terms & Conditions, and moderation guidance. This has been developed following expert legal advice, and consultation with established industry leaders, medical educators, and system leaders.

In particular, content will not appear if it is believed to be libellous, defamatory, or in breach of our Terms & Conditions relating to patient safety or professional conduct concerns. With respect to the latter areas, users are clearly signposted to appropriate regulatory and patient-safety organisations.

Although we will defend our legal right to publish fair comment, including where this is critical of public bodies, we are happy to deal with complaints from either LEPs or LETBs, in accordance with Section 5 of the Defamation Act (2013) and Regulations.

How can LEPs or LETBs respond to users?
LEPs or LETBs can register to respond to comments, ideas, and concerns raised by our users directly. All responses will be openly and transparently published, alongside the original feedback. Our hope is that this approach will ensure that users recognise that their feedback is taken seriously by LEPs and LETBs, and can lead to significant and sustained improvements in medical education and training.

If you would like to register on behalf of your organisation, please email us. To approve your registration, we will need to confirm your contact details. By registering in this capacity, you confirm that you have authorisation to use our service, and post to our website, on behalf of your organisation

Comments posted by LEPs and LETBs are bound by the same Terms & Conditions, and moderation policy, as comments posted by users.

How do you confirm a review is genuine?
At the moment, we allow users to post without registering with us, although they are required to supply an email address. This is because we recognise that many junior doctors are afraid of raising legitimate issues, and would like to change this. We do recognise that some organisations may be concerned by the potential for ‘false’ reviews, however.

Should an LEP or LETB believe that a review may be false, they should contact us. We will then contact the reviewer, and ask them to confirm their details with us directly. These details will not be shared with LEPs or LETBs, however.

If the reviewer provides satisfactory information to us, we will inform the complainant, and the review will remain on the site. If the reviewer is unable or unwilling to provide satisfactory information to us, we will remove their content immediately.

There’s an error on my listing – how can I fix it?
Sorry about that! Please send the details to [email protected], and we’ll fix it ASAP. 🙂

How can LEPs or LETBs manage their own profiles?
LEPs or LETBs can also register to manage and customise their own listing profiles on Junior Reviews. In this manner, organisations can communicate their organisational vision, values, and strategy; provide key information for doctors-in-training; describe key benefits of working and training in their organisation; and reach thousands of junior doctors every month making some big decisions about where to work and train

If you’d like to customise your listing and promote your organisation, please get in touch to discuss our competitive pricing.

Information for Colleges, Faculties, Associations, et al.
We are committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that our site is a constructive resource for those with interests in medical education and training.

In particular, we are keen to partner with interested Colleges, Faculties, and Associations to ensure our site is of value to the trainees they represent, and their trainers. If your organisation would like to get involved, please contact us.

What are the governance arrangements of JuniorReviews?
JuniorReviews is a trainee-led business operating and registered in the UK. It’s purpose is to improve medical education and training, by improving how we collect and use training feedback.

We are registered with Company’s House as a Private Limited Company, and the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller.

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