Every year, thousands of us are asked to rank foundation, core, and speciality training posts with no meaningful information to help, as we apply for new jobs.

And every year, we all spend time providing detailed feedback on the quality of our training – to GMC, HEE, LETBs, and individual Schools – and nothing ever seems to change.

And every single time you get a group of medics together, all we do is compare our jobs. And it turns out there are some pretty big differences: in the hours we work, in the rotas we do, in our ability to access leave – even in exam pass rates.

We think it’s time to change all of that – so we’ve built the ‘TripAdvisor for Training’: www.juniorreviews.com.

Our site is designed and run by junior doctors, for junior doctors.

It lets you rate, review, and compare your training – anonymously, pseudonymously, or under your own name. You can search reviews by grade, speciality, and subspecialty, and compare GMC/CQC/and College data.

It even lets Trusts and LETBs register to respond to your ideas and concerns – so you know that your feedback matters.

We think transparent training feedback could totally change how training works in the UK – but we need your help to make that a reality.

Rate your training, help your colleagues, and lets positively disrupt medical education and training 🙂

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