Our approach to moderation
We may moderate reviews, before they appear on the site. We may also edit them for readability (and because we are a bit fussy).

The intention is not to censor debate about training quality, but to ensure that the site is both useful for junior doctors, and can help Trusts and LETBs genuinely improve their training.

We also need to obey the law.

This post isn’t intended to be a full policy, or replace our Terms & Conditions, but is intended to provide some guidance. We may update it from time-to-time.

Much of our approach to moderation should be obvious: we clearly won’t publish anything which is obscene, offensive, racist, sexist, or similarly unpleasant.

We won’t publish content which is critical of individuals, whether named or anonymous. This is because this is potentially libellous – and also because it’s not very nice.

We won’t publish content which isn’t helpful to other junior doctors; appears to make unevidenced generalisations; or is frankly unprofessional. We don’t think this helps anyone.

If you leave your email address with your review, we can contact you if there are any problems. It won’t appear alongside your review.

Raising concerns
Our website exists to rate, review, and compare training quality. It doesn’t exist to raise concerns either about services, or individuals – if you wish to do so, you should follow the relevant local and professional guidance, and/or consider contacting either CQC, or GMC.

We will not publish comments which appear to raise concerns about services or individuals. In addition, we must emphasise that, as practicing doctors, you, and we, are bound by GMC Good Medical Practice.

Because of this, if serious concerns are submitted to our website, in breach of the above, we may need to pass these to an appropriate body.

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